On Being a Working HomeMaker and HouseWife

Dear students,

Recently we received the following question:

“You speak of being a HomeMaker and HouseWife – how does this work if you own a business and you both work in it OR you both work from home?”


Thank you for asking, for to ask is the beginning of the ability to receive. Many do not ask because they assume that if there was more to know they would know it already.

HomeMaker and HouseWife are considered to be the primary occupation or position. There are other things that can be done – but they are simply not the PRIMARY position.

Consider it this way- a person can be an attorney, even a Partner in a law firm and also be a part of various other hobbies, business investments, have a family, a boat, 3 homes etc.

It is similar. I do an average of 6-12 hours of “work” in our business a week for instance. I spend the remainder of my time in other pursuits and focus. These include: Home Making, House Keeping and Wifeing (there are each distinct with some overlap) as well as Art, Spirituality, Children, Education, Investments, etc.

The biggest difference is that instead of the Home Making, HouseKeeping and Wifeing being what I attempt to squeeze in around the “important” stuff- it IS the important stuff. It is the primary occupation.

There is a great deal more to this that is covered in SOFT Wife School. Make no mistake, a woman who is skilled in this position IS increasing her families wealth, you probably wouldn’t know it from the outside though.

I have more time to devote to other things because our children are 17-28 years old. When they were little I did even less “work” or at times none at all.

Many women don’t even know this is an option. They – by familial culture (which is not spoken of often enough) or by societal pressure feel that this is for someone else somewhere else.

Also, my love it is important to realize the reason being a Home Maker is ideal for Masculine-Feminine Polarity is less to do with ability (obviously the Feminine has the capacity to earn wealth is outside careers) and more to do with interdependence and what nurtures each pole. It’s more metaphysical and energetic than intellectual or social. This will be explained more in a future post.

Supra, Omnia, Amate,
~Sri Namaste Moore

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