The Masculine being received and absolutely Embodied by Men is just as needed as Feminine Embodiment by women.

Instead of this Truth, most spiritual and consciousness teachers offer a neutered vision of man – one that is deeply feminized – as the avatar of awareness and Awakening.

They offer a Gilded Gelding.

Gelding is a process by which male animals (usually equines) are castrated. The purpose of gelding is to gentle the animal.

To make it more docile, to get rid of aggression and behavior problems.

Geldings are preferred over stallions because they make better WORK HORSES – they are calmer, easier to handle, easier to keep in groups and more pliant and manageable.

The Gelding of Men similarly creates a manageable, gentle, worker- willing to do what they are told. Defined by the whims and desires of Society, seeking validation from women and celebrating how much of a “good guy” he is.

The Gelding has never been seen as a desired trait. In fact in many sacred texts the castration of animals AND humans is forbidden.

Because it subverts the image of God.

Historically Men would NEVER willingly subject themselves to this process. They would fight with everything in them against it.

And they would WIN.

In order to create an environment for this to occur a few things must happen.

  1. The rise of Testosterone antagonists and xeno estrogens
  2. The elevation of stories of Female pain at the hands of Men attributed to patriarchy
  3. The rise of anger and dissatisfaction in women as the default.
  4. The displacement of Gender roles.

When these 4 things descended into the collective  it created a mental chaos and confusion in the hearts and minds of men that had not occurred before.

Suddenly for the first time MEN HAD NO PLACE.

Enter the Gilding.

Gilding is when you coat something with a very thin layer of a precious metal…often gold.

It is often done to elevate something as valuable that really ISN’T.

In this case The Gilding was done by the elevation of milk toast Masculinity via pseudo spirituality, aescetism and the creation of “the inner feminine”.

Behaviors, beliefs and practices utilized by monks (men who eschew connection to the world and women) to maintain their solid focus on spirit are now HERALDED as the ideal for Conscious Men.

All traditionally Masculine traits are demonized as being  devaluing at best and oppressive at worse to women.

Stocism in Men is replaced by Emotionalism as a virtue.

Masculine Leadership is seen as innately oppressive (patriarchy).

Fathers are systematically portrayed as stupid, irresponsible, irrelevant, self referenced, and abusive.

Men who identify as Feminists, who are willing to be fluid in their gender expression and sexual identity are held up as the EXEMPLARS of manhood.

Men who lean back, are defined by women and display docile, fluid traits are held in high esteem.

Men who experience mental health crisis (due to all of the above) are told that “Toxic Masculinity” is what creates it and they need to get further in touch with their Feminine.

Men who display Masculine characteristics are called antiquated, controlling, abusive predatory Neanderthals while men who display Feminine characteristics are called progressive, evolved heros and celebrated.

The woman is now the stallion (notice how many women are calling themselves stallions).

The man is now the Gilded Gelding.

We dissolve the gold paint so that men and women can see the poop that’s under it.

THEN- we return the Masculine to Men, The Feminine to Women and Men and Women to each other.

This is why we are feared, hated and why some spend hours of their days attempting to “take us down.” or erase us. This is the CULT-ivation we do – returning your Sovereign Freedom so you can RULE.