I watch so many amazing talented women.

Gorgeous gifted goddesses

Brilliant facets of Infinity

Burn themselves out running from one thing to another

One teacher to another

One program to another

One man to another

One business offering to another

One project to another


Never truly satisfied

Never truly fulfilled

Excited and happy for a minute..maybe a year

Then discontent again…in the game of

“Do you”


But it’s leaving something out…

Regardless of what is said, NOTHING can replace love

Interpersonal love

Familial love

Life long legendary love


Nothing  replaces it and nothing satisfies like it…it is the stuff that your ultimate fulfillment and embodied purpose is built from

And it all begins with a LAVISH.









Because you can’t give love if you don’t love you.

Which is not the brittle frigid armored thing that I see masquerading as self love in the women’s empowerment space.


True self love is tender and full of candor.






Let me show  you how to love you Beloved…

Begin here…

“I am growing and evolving becoming and  unfurling, I am uncertain and curious, gifted and glorious, and I am HAPPY with who I am…who  I have been and who I will yet become. Without condition I accept ME “

Chant this as a daily affirmation….

Say it upon waking

In the shower

Make it your prayer  as you consume

And babble it as you climax

Stare into your own eyes as you say it

Hold your belly and breasts as you sing it

Howl it at the heavens so the celestials remember

Then whisper it to the earth as she kisses the soles of your feet

Braid it into your hair

And spray it as your personal fragrance so even the air remembers

And once you have saturated and soaked your being in your own love

Then beloved


You will find that you will ONLY attract those capable of loving you

As you do.

-Sri Namaste Moore