A Shift Can Take Time, But You Are Worth It

About 12 years ago I suddenly came down with an odd illness…
My eyes were watering, irritated and photosensitive.

I do not experience allergies…so I was mystified.

After a week of wearing sunglasses indoors, I went to the physician…
They had no clue what was going on and suggested an optometrist.

I went to the optometrist who also had no idea but noticed my eyes seemed dry and began to treat me for that (turns out huge eyes in front of computer screen under office lights for eight hours a day do not work for my body)…

I went to the optometrist weekly for months…
My dry eye cleared but my main issues did not…
Eventually, I was treated by a friend of ours who is A Master energy worker and acupuncturist who gave me one session and magically…clear.
The interesting thing?

Everyone kept saying…”You’re so patient…anyone else would have demanded answers…demanded to change something”

I laughed and said…it’s more important that we wait until the why presents itself than that we do SOMETHING just because we don’t know what to do.

The way I approach healing…all healing…and transformation is different.

I believe in the power of stillness.

I know that many things will heal themselves with the support of rest, darkness, water, and nourishing herbs (in that order) if you give them TIME.

Somethings can take 2-3 years or more to heal. Energetic things as well as physical.
Are you patient enough to take an herbal remedy for that long?
Would you say no to all non-essential activities if it meant being whole?

In my work with women when we talk about the Feminine I attempt to shift the mind so that she understands that this is a fundamental life change. Not an add-on.

It’s the operating system, not an extension.

You can’t add an Apple extension on a Microsoft base…similarly you can’t add a Feminine extension on A masculine life…

It requires a shift.
And that shift takes time.
But my darling…you are worth it.

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In Love,


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