Some Truth from the Infinite Couple Labs

Did you know- the term Sex was used in regard to Humans and the term gender was ONLY used in grammar until recently?

The whole idea of gender and gender roles when it comes to heterosexual individuals is actually a fiction.

The concept of Gender roles as it is commonly understood doesn’t really exist. We have sex roles that support the sexual dimorphism characteristic of being human.

The behavior supports the matter.

As is typical in the infinite intelligence of Creation one supports the other ad Infinitum.

The idea of gender roles was initially used to help parse out the distinctions within what was then called hermaphroditism (now called intersex individuals).

Taking a concept that was an attempt to understand and find a place for a very tiny proportion of people and applying it to society writ large is foolish and serves no one.

Fast forward to today…let’s look at the practical application-

Husbands do what they do not because of the forcing of a gender role but because they are HUSBANDS.

When a man doesn’t want to do what a husband does he doesn’t want to be a husband. That doesn’t make him not a man.

Yet a woman who is a wife should not link her life to a man who has no desire to BE a husband.

The insertion of “gender roles” into it confuses the issue by inserting the idea that these are some bizarre antiquated gender role that should or can be changed for a more progressive idea. Hence women have no real idea of what a Husband IS or DOES beyond “we love each other”.

And vice versa for men.

Seeking a wife and finding a woman aren’t the same thing.

“Gender role” has nothing to do with it.

Going even deeper we have the husband as the masculine life partner of a woman. Meaning the very position is defined in reference to the other…the same for wife.

The effectiveness being the measure of truth.

Life. Partner.

Him: one who cultivates, patterns and masters

Her: one who supports, matters and is a student of.

This is also a huge part of the issue in many of the hypergamy, level up, wife and feminine spaces… it teaches women a ROLE to play instead of an inner Truth to unfurl into.

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