This is a nuanced conversation, high spiritual maturity required :
Duality means to divide in two, an instance of opposition between two concepts or two aspects of something; a dualism.
For the longest time humans have operated within constructs that believe in duality. Oddly this duality has been mostly created and most strongly held in place by those who represent spirituality and evolution.
Especially amongst the most “woke” and conscious this “duality” has been preached
Wealth vs Spirituality
Patriarchy vs Feminism
Trump vs Biden
Left vs Right
LGBT vs Het
Lightworkers vs Darkworkers
Men vs Women
Capitalism vs Socialism
Health vs Disease
Hierarchy vs Equality
Victims vs Villians
This duality has become extremely subtle and also pervasive as of late- with many people digging in ever more deeply into their assumed “side”. With very little true dialogue and more people simply using pejoratives to describe the “other side.”
Duality is an illusion.
There is ONE mind in the Universe
And everything is VALID in it’s RIGHT context
It’s Correct Place, Ordered Time and Divine Expression.
That which seems incorrect is either:
Out of Place
Out of Time
Incorrectly Expressing
Or you are.
It is not evil. Not something to be rejected. Not something to be denied and “othered” out of existence.
Quiet as is kept dear leader, often the place for you to shift is in your own back yard.
With you…
Your message.
Your teachings.
Your work.
• Is everyone really resistant? Or are you speaking to the wrong audience?
•Are people refusing to pay you? Or are you selling to those who are to be the recipients of your philanthropy?
•Is there really a glass ceiling? Or is it just a ceiling at all and you are meant to be outside?
•Is your existence being denied by others or are they simply amplifying their own?
• Is he really wrong/toxic etc or is his communication style simply different from yours?
There is something beyond the illusion of Duality and in this age all things must operate in submission to it or crumble… Stay tuned for part two