The Desire For Space

Dear student,

Often the desire for “space” offers a way of revealing the truth of your masks.

Whenever we have dug into a person’s desire for space and asked questions to uncover what is under there the responses take this flavor:

“To just be…”
“When other people are around I have to…”
“I don’t want to have to….”
“I can only….”
“To relax….”

One needs space when one does not feel they can be absolutely themselves and only themselves in the presence of another…

In the presence of an Other Self.

It reveals the feeling of some sort of pressure when around others. This pressure is either fueling or depleting depending on the individual but many do not feel a state of rest, ease, and PEACE around others.

There is a huge pattern …quietly running in the background that you need to do or be SOMETHING in order to be acceptable.

Humans fear rejection from those within their tribe more than anything. Western humans have not evolved past that, they simply have found a way to avoid it by avoiding others or breaking relationship.

Sadly you may think your avoidance is progression and so never heal the giant wound that your joy is constantly oozing out of.

What if you felt in the presence of others…the same peace and calm you feel in the presence of only yourself? What if being with your beloved felt as singular as your alone time?

What if your orientation just totally shifted?
What if the shift to create this was not changing others but changing the temporary self?

It is possible my love…this is just a tiny seed planted in your awareness.

Learn more, get SOFT –

In Love,


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