The Masculine is MADE to lead.

Created to do that which the gods do.

If this sounds too much beloved it is because you have reduced Men to being created in the image of the angels; those mere magnificent messengers- instead of the image of the All as they really were.

And this is why you fear Men ascending. Because you believe that to do so makes the same mistake as the Morning Star…

Yet he was created to serve the All

And men were created as an Individuated aspect of the all… which is different.

The difference between the servant of the throne and the heir to it.

Do I digress? Not really…

The man in His full resplendent Power operates in supreme sovereignty of the highest order and is not capable of being manipulated

Not by society and relationships

Not by the need to ask permission

Not by fear of others or lack of resources

Not by what he knows or does not know

He is in a word-


And there is nothing that is feared more right now than a Male Leader that can not be controlled.

Can not be bent to your will

A leader who will follow their OWN compass.

The own Vision.

A Leader who shrugs off your milk toast ideas of accountability and even transparency.

A Leader who can NOT be Canceled

Who requires you do the HEIGHT of foolishness…

You obey.


For sight is not needed.

Simply because you have chosen Him as your Leader.

While many women claim to desire a Powerful man when faced with one she finds the truth is hard to swallow

The path it requires is more than she thought.

It requires HER to be subject not to her own mind, her own beliefs but to that same Power she holds in such high regard in Him.

To submit to its requirements.

Forming her into both His greatest Weapon and His singular Weakness.